Bombay Marathon

November 25, 2008

It had been three years since I last went to Bombay. The first time, I was backpacking. We spent two days hanging out on Colaba Causeway, the historical and social heart of Bombay where hippies rub shoulders with the uber-chic Taj-junkies. We kept going back and forth between the kolhapuris sellers and Leopold’s cafe (for their yummy chocolate brownies). Since they are a hundred meters apart, you can say we got a pretty limited idea of Bombay.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that I haven’t extended my perimeter much on that trip. I went straight to Colaba to stock up on kolhapuris. I then headed to Indigo Deli to meet my friend H., English brunette and lovely Voguette. Indigo Deli is a canteen for the cool and lucky crowd of Bombay so I did feel like a misfit, dishevelled and straight out of Rajasthan, no longer used to waiters and maitre d’attitude, but the roast beef sandwich quickly made up for it.

I have never really shopped in Bombay, so I was eager to check out the many haunts I had been told to go to. I first went to Bombay Electric, the city’s equivalent of Colette. The shop is wonderfully located, opposite the Taj, just off the Causeway, in a nice old red building.

I walked down the Oberoi arcades and couldn’t help but scan the jewelry stores. Oh, I haven’t told you? I’m a jeweller.

H. had asked me to check out the jewelry scene for her (she is writing the Luxe Guide on Bombay). And I am glad I did, because I found two fabulous shops. It is actually one shop in two different places: one is for gold and precious stones, the other for silver. To tell you the truth, these shops are not a real find: they are the Bombay branches of a famous Jaipur shop, Amrapali. What to do? Jaipur is the capital of jewellery.

Will tell you about it tomorrow, now I am going to crash in my lovely soft plush bed overlooking the crazy technicolor harbour of Hong Kong!┬áBut hey, I’ll┬átrade the sushis and sky-scrapers anytime for the shabby sexy look of Bombay at sunset…do you think I’m mad?