A Year in Rajasthan

November 4, 2009


Yes, it its true, I have been deserting my much-loved blog. I am so sorry!

The reason is, I simply don’t have time. I am overworked, and although being busy with work is an exhilarating feeling, I do miss my daily blogging break. 

But today is a special day: exactly a year ago I wrote my first post.

I remember it so well.

I had just been kicked out of my flat, lost my job and was going through a bitter and painful breakup. My ex-boss was refusing to pay my severance fee, I was broke, and sleeping on a mattress on the floor of my new flat, I went paler and paler wondering what I was going to do with my life, my heart and the 35 cardboard boxes scattered around the flat. I remember it so well.

That’s when I started this blog. 

It gave my days a structure – I would write first thing in the morning. And it made me happy. The amazing feedback I got was unexpected and wonderful.

Now it’s been a year and how things have changed. After months of fighting, I finally got my severance fee. I designed, sold, produced and exported my first line of jewellery. I have my own company in India, complete with hundreds of codes, numbers, certificates and bill books. I don’t date Indian men anymore. And my flat might not be spectacular, but it’s pretty, cosy and colorful. And it has beds.

Dear reader, my apologies for this display of self-satisfaction, believe me I am not fishing for compliments here. I am just truly, genuinely, completely amazed. It is incredible what can happen, in only a year, if you fight for it. 

Oh, and since November 4th 2008, this blog has registered 32,854 hits. That’s 1,314 times more than what I would have ever dreamt of.

Thank you!

Streetstyle in Johari Bazar

December 9, 2008

Jaipur’s old city is world famous. Tourists rush there en masse as soon as they set foot in town. Hawa Mahal, the Palace of Winds, has had its pretty pink face featured in probably more magazines than Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell put together.

It is indeed a lovely old city, especially when compared to the dirty windy lanes of many Indian old towns. The broad avenues set in a geometrical pattern are courtesy Jai Singh, who planned and founded Jaipur in 1727. In hindi, -pur means “city” so Jaipur was conveniently named after its founder, just like Jodhpur was named after Rao Jodha and Udaipur after Udai Singh.

Jaipur’s walled city must have been a delight in the eighteenth century with its wide streets and pretty arcades. Less than three hundred years later, traffic has turned it into total chaos.

Saturday, I even went on a scouting trip to Johari Bazaar

I thought I’d show you my absolute favorite spot. To me it is simply perfection.


The white mattressed floor of the anteroom, the low off-white desk, the arched wall and the dangling bare bulbs, the faded blue with a hint of green, the cream-colored cupboards and the big white cushions: it is shabby, vintage, delicate and sexy at the same time.

I love love love it.

And then the utter beauty of the office itself, where the two diamond dealers, barefeet and clad in kurta-pyjamas, are reading the papers as if nothing else mattered. They probably have thousands of carats worth of diamonds to discuss, offices in Hong Kong, Cape Town and Antwerp… But right now they are ensconced in the local papers: business can wait.