Why Dengue Fever is Not a Big Flu

October 23, 2010

Let’s start with Why is It That People Call it a Big Flu.

Like flu, dengue fever is a virus. And like flu, it comes with bouts of high fever.

That’s it.

Now if you don’t mind, let’s go over the differences.

1) Transmission : you don’t catch dengue from someone. You catch it from something. Namely, a mosquito.

2) Time : a solid flu lasts 4 to 5 days. Dengue can last up to 3 weeks.

3) Element of Cosiness : flu means winter in Europe, too much snowballing, central heating and mummy making hot soup for you. Dengue, on the other hand, is a dirty country disease spread by stagnant water mosquitoes.

4) Blood : Unlike flu, dengue requires that you monitor your platelet count on a daily basis – they do fall dramatically.

5) Organs : Unlike flu, dengue also requires that you undergo a full abdomen sonography to check that your vital organs have not been affected by the disease and the eventual internal bleeding a very low platelet count can cause.

6) Rash : Unlike flu, dengue fever comes with a delightful, itchy rash.

7) Bone-ache : Ok, the flu sometimes makes your bones ache. A little. Not constant splitting bone-ache for 4 days. Nope. That’s dengue.

8 ) Pukish fever : the fever that comes with dengue is so intense, it makes you feel nauseous.

9) Pukish fluids : because you have to ingest tons of fluids, dengue makes you feel like throwing up. 7+8 = you do end up throwing up at some point.

10) Retro-orbital pain : unlike flu, dengue gives you excruciating retro-orbital pain, ie: it hurts to move your eyes. So no books and no dvd for you. Not surprisingly then, dengue is tough on the troops morale.

11) Oh, and before I forget : dengue is a bi-phasic disease. Meaning that when you start feeling better and your platelet count rises again, the fever comes back.

Now, the next person who tells me I just have a big flu, I cry.


5 Responses to “Why Dengue Fever is Not a Big Flu”

  1. Nur Says:

    You’re back!! I still check your blog sometimes and I’m so happy that you’ve started writing better…. hope the dengue disappears fast!

  2. Nur Says:

    by writing better I meant writing again, and hope you feel better… SHIT!! Just went back to reread my sister your post and saw the comment!!!!!!

  3. Sunny Side Says:

    Quelle saleté ! Archi douloureux il parait qu’on ne supporte même pas un drap ! Une amie vivant au Mexique m’a raconté cette horreur. Ceci dit trooooop contente que tu reviennes vers ton blog !

  4. Bombay Magic Says:

    Hey!!! You’re still in India ??? Still in Jaipur ??? You got Dengue fever ? Poor you …

  5. Transindus Says:

    Funny enough or not in this instance this reminded me of a news article I read this morning on my way in to work, about a new Seal flu infection threat to humans, the virus has the ability to attack a protein found in the lungs, it is a new strain of the bird flu which has finally adapted t0 living in mammals… That’s a course of concern huh!

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