Time Management

October 19, 2009


The Diwali madness is nearly over and I am coming out of hiding. Or rather, of my blogging exile.

Last week, I  enquired about the exact extent of the Diwali holidays. 

“Well – my workshop manager said. You see, on Friday is Choti Diwali.”

Choti Diwali, literally, “Little Diwali”, is the day before Diwali. It’s a holiday, and the craziest day of the year: people shop like mad. Clothes, sweets and firecrackers are being bought en masse. The traffic is total, loud, intense chaos.

“Then Saturday of course is Diwali. Sunday, it doesn’t matter because it’s a Sunday anyway, but it’s Govardhan Puja, very important puja.”

“Great. Does that mean we can work on Monday?” 

“Noooooooo! Monday is the brother-sister festival.”

“But that’s Rakhi, that’s in August!”

“No, not Rakhi. Rakhi is when sisters go to their brothers. On Monday, brothers go to their sisters. It’s called Bhai Duj.”

“And it’s a bank holiday.”

“But of course.”

“What about Tuesday?”

“Tuesday is a holiday too.”

“Oh, come on, I pleaded. what for?”

“Well, just to rest.”


7 Responses to “Time Management”

  1. Lisette Says:

    Glad to have you back!! Have missed your posts very much!

  2. Sunny Side Says:

    A day “to rest” ? Could you blame such a stunning rythm … ? Yesterday I read this Andy Wharhol “Good business is the best art”

  3. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    happy to be back!

  4. gui Says:

    Dearest, you used to post everyday…what is going on..? Come baaaack

  5. Lisette Says:

    Have you gone into hiding again?

    It was so nice to have you back! I hope you are well, and lookforward to your return. Take care!

  6. Sunny Side Says:

    Are you OK or are you working like mad ? Maybe in love ? In this case no time left ! Wish the best … and come back time to time !

  7. bouncer Says:

    lovely i wish u would have seen the love in my eyes

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