Grab the Deal

August 26, 2009



When you have an Indian prepaid mobile phone card you receive thousands of daily promotional text messages and calls. Drove me mad.

Now that I have a postpaid deal, I don’t get such a constant flow of beeps. But I get the odd one. Some, I don’t mind. Restaurants, nightlclubs, boutiques in Delhi and Bombay: they remind me that I used to live it up.

Some, on the other hand, depress me. Domino’s, for example. What it tells me, as if I wasn’t aware of it already, is that my diet now consists of peperoni pizza and beer.

I also receive daily invitations to “pool parties”, something I personally would consider when I was, say, 14, but nonetheless Jaipur’s hot new brazen concept which, in its ideal unfolding, consists in bikini clad foreign girls chatting with much married but wifeless local men gulping blended whisky. But I might be wrong as, to be honest, I never went.

We keep receiving such text messages and we keep deleting them. Luckily, last week Victoria read one before she deleted it. And I am glad she did, because here is what it said:

New Extravag. Formula @ Sheesh Mahal MI Rd – Get Bonanza Meal Order 1 Get 2 (Non Veg. 50% discount) on Food + New Offer Buy 3 Get 7 (Beer & Wine) – Enjoy Summer Discount Menu!!!!

Buy 3 get 7.

Buy 3 get freaking 7.

Now that’s a deal.


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