August 24, 2009


Sorry sorry sorry.

I had a crazy two weeks and didn’t find time to blog. Didn’t find time to eat, breathe or think for that matters.

The madness, however, is over – or has it just started, I wonder.

For the last two weeks, I have been getting home every day at 10pm, shell shocked, soaked and speechless. After downing a large chilled Fosters, I would just collapse in bed.

It was a tough, tough time. 

But some good things happened.

I have a company, an import-export code, a PAN card and I have sent my first export.

I had a full house for three days: five girls under my roof and a staggering consumption of Diet Coke and vodka. It was a whole weekend of celebrations (I turned a year older) and it was great fun.

I am now back on the blog with a handful of stories.

And I’ll probably start with my birthday!

4 Responses to “Madness”

  1. YVR Says:

    welcome back!
    happy birthday!

  2. Lisette Says:

    Welcome back, happy birthday and bring on those stories… I´ve missed them!!

  3. Sunny Side Says:

    Yeah a company ! You did it right for your birthday time ! BRAVO !!!

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