Wonder Woman

August 6, 2009



I can look at this girl’s picture for hours.

Who is she?

What are her dreams, her fears, her joys?

Who would have thought of mixing hibiscus prints with mirror work?


3 Responses to “Wonder Woman”

  1. Sunny Side Says:

    Stunning woman ! First time that I see such a nosejewel. Does she belong to Thar desert ? I have one heavy rajashtani skirt with mirrors. I bought it twenty years ago. Black and grey winter collections are already there in shop. I don’t like this funeral crowd ! You are right to be there !

  2. Lisette Says:


  3. The person who comments Says:

    This is something that astounded me because of all the difference she had to me. In our culture, we don’t wear huge nose rings or wear a thousand bracelets, it just seems so un-natural to us. Though, to her, and her culture, it is perfectly fine to wear heavy jewelry or to put a cloth around their heads. So strange but absolutley tunning!!

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