Of Chuck Bass, Cigarettes and Russian Fans

August 3, 2009

The formidable Chuck Bass. A wonderful picture and a token for his contribution - courtesy www.boubouteatime.com

The formidable Chuck Bass. A wonderful picture and a token for his contribution - courtesy http://www.boubouteatime.com

Yesterday, this blog recorded its 20,000th hit. I took 6 months to reach 10,000 hits but only 3 (months) to get another 10,000. I find it extraordinary!

As I told you 3 months ago, being the administrator of this blog I have access to a fancy little dashboard. It shows me how many posts I have written, how many drafts I have saved, how many of you have been kind enough to comment. However, my favorite tool in the WordPress dashboard is the Search Engine Terms stats. It shows me what terms people googled when they reached my blog.

You’d expect India-related searches: lotus flowers, Ganesh, sadhus, and all the bazaar fauna. And they sure appear. But I also get a hell of a lot of totally random, unexpected, exhilarating searches.

Here is a florilege of the latest SET gems:

Chuck Bass, to my utter delight, is still number one. I have mentioned him in only 3 posts, but he managed to attract, 4,353 hits. I know. One fifth. Humbling experience. But I don’t mind. Not at all. Chuck is my hero. I worship at his altar. Chuck Bass fans, be my guests.

wet holi girls and jaipur boobs are the odd kinky searches. It only reinforces my dislike of Holi, with its latent violence and riotous male excitation. Now, is there something known as jaipur boobs? Do enlighten me. Oddly enough these last 3 months there were no searches for naughty massage parlours – how sad. Has Paharganj’s gentrification already reached this blog? I hope not.

love sucks: oh well, poor little soul, yes it does, but doesn’t it keep you alive too?

maharani gayatri devi cigarettes and its variations: gayatri devi + smokes, rajmata gayatri devi smoked, gayatri devi smoking cigarette: yes, yes, she did, for God’s sake. What is wrong about it? Is this all there is to search about Rajmata? Have we reached such a boring phase of civilization that smoking has become a fascinating act of transgression?

– to finish with, I would like to apologize to Michael Jackson’s Russian fans, who have been leaving comments by the dozen on my unimpressed post about his “hobby”. Sadly I do not read Russian. WordPress sent your comments straight into the Spam box and I deleted them, unable to make sense of your – I am certain – wonderful words. I do find it extraordinary that Russians are the only community who commented en masse on this post. How very very strange. What happened in Russia? Is it where Jacko packed off the boys who knew too much?


3 Responses to “Of Chuck Bass, Cigarettes and Russian Fans”

  1. Sunny Side Says:

    Il y a des mots “détonateurs” ! Décidément je dois regarder ce “Gossip girl” pour découvrir ce naughty “Chuck bass” !

  2. Je ne l’avais pas vu celle là… il est dingue ce Chuck Bass!
    Love him!

  3. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Yvonne! Back from Greece?

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