Green Goes the Pink City

July 29, 2009


A lake in Sariska

A lake in Sariska

The monsoon is a very strange season.

When everyone in Europe is sunbathing, we don’t get any sun. The sky is an ode to Christian Dior: thousands of shades of grey glide over us.

It is hot, though not as hot as June: after flirting with the fourties, we have now gone back to a civilized 30ºC. Swimming, however, doesn’t really happen. The pools are dirty, courtesy the rains. Frogs have taken over, and although they are sweet, I don’t really enjoy their touch.

It is humid and hot and grey and the mango season is over, but there is one wonderful thing about the monsoon.

The green. 

Everywhere in the city and beyond, the color green has exploded. Jaipur, the Pink City, capital of a desert state, is fluorescent green. In the magical Ram Niwas gardens, gazing at Albert Hall, along the Old City’s arcades, or  creeping out of old ochre pink enclosures: trees, in full bloom, bright and lush.

In this balmy weather, the desert turned green, there is one place I long to visit.

Sariska Valley, the hidden gem of Rajasthan, with its eerie hills, millenary temples and breathtaking landscapes. 

Still untouched by tourism, Sariska is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

Chalo, before the rains go.

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