Stolen Childhood

July 2, 2009

brick kids

I am starting to get irritated by the whole Michael Jackson thing.

The man was a child mollester.

The only reason he got away with it is that he paid one boy $25million, terrorized the other one, and was clever enough to get rid of conclusive evidence.

But it’s not his fault, we keep hearing, his childhood was stolen. He was just trying to recreate it.

Yeah. Right.

Because we all know that’s what kids do in their spare time. Jet around the world drinking wine in Coke cans, swallow pills and play doctor doctor with adults in plush hotel suites.

What about, say, watching Disney Channel and eating peanut butter? Fully dressed, may I just add. Would that do, as a childhood re-enactment? Do we really need the rest? No, because, personnally, I am just saying: if this is Michael Jackson’s idea of kids activities, well, maybe we’re happy his own childhood was cut short.

Now, I hate to bother you with my rantings about someone who, despite his revolting, criminal behaviour, has become a semi-god after his death. But living in India, here is what I see everyday: children begging in the street, children working as sweepers, children sold off to factories. Children, I think we can fairly say, whose childhood has been stolen.

And not by fame.

Well, strangely, they don’t become child mollesters. They don’t go around traumatizing little boys because that’s their own fucked up idea of kids play.

I don’t feel sorry for Michael Jackson’s “stolen” childhood.

But when I see a 3-year-old trotting around cars at a red light, his outstretched hand not even reaching the window, yes, when I see this, indeed, it breaks my heart.


8 Responses to “Stolen Childhood”

  1. Sunny Side Says:

    Triple ouf enfin un article sensé !!! I totally agree with you, I am so fed up with this kind of “idolatrie”, no fed up is not the right term, UPSET with the fact that he was insane, out of the blue (can’t use the right key word) with children; MERCI.

  2. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    🙂 I know, I am quite upset myself…

  3. YVR Says:

    well said. One is always responsible for one’s actions no matter one’s past.

    Obviously, abuse of any kind is unacceptable; however, when it comes to children, I just cannot bear it. It has gotten even worse now that I am a mother. The mental image of that 3-year-old begging in the streets is unbearable, and knowing that it’s “monnaie courante”, n’en parlons pas… I know I’m being incredibly naive, but I will ask anyways: can anything be done? truly? whether in India or closer to home?

  4. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    oh don’t tell me about it – what can be done? it’s become a business

  5. charlotte Says:

    Bonjour Jasmine and the elephants!
    Ce message n’a rien à voir avec ton post d’aujourd’hui mais je n’ai pas trouvé ton mail sur ton blog…
    J’ai cru comprendre que tu travaillais dans la joaillerie en Inde et j’aurais aimé savoir si je pouvais te poser quelques questions sur ton boulot et ta vie en Inde, ça m’intéresse beaucoup, je suis en recherche d’orientation professionnel

    Si tu as le temps pour cela, tu peux me joindre par mail!
    Merci d’avance!!

    Et bravo bravo pour ton blog, je fais partie des lecteurs qui ne se manifestent pas souvent mais qui te lisent avec attention tous les jours!

  6. YVR Says:

    bon… in the light of the day (hum, morning), and in my bubble, my question seems even more naive. Perhaps, idealistic is a better word. Besides, I do realize that this is really not the space to explore the question in any depth.

    It must be hard not to get completely disillusioned when one lives in a place such as India.

  7. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    @ YVR: no, not naive, but such a vast, frustrating subject…

    @ charlotte: you can email me at I’ve been trying to display it on the front page but no success so far!

  8. […] to Michael Jackson’s Russian fans, who have been leaving comments by the dozen on my unimpressed post on his “hobby”. Sadly I do not read Russian. WordPress sent your comments straight into […]

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