The Flute Player and the Pakoras

June 30, 2009


a pakora-wallah


I have decided that the monsoon has arrived. Why not? There are storms every night now. A little shower every day.

It is no longer simply hot. With 75% humidity, it is unbearably hot and awfully sticky.

I go around Jaipur telling everyone that the monsoon has arrived, hoping, like the flute player of Hamelin, to be paid good cash for my extraordinary foretelling powers. Sadly, nobody cares. It’s not the monsoon, they say. It’s just a few storms.

Oh really I retort, gracefully playing my flute, and then why the sudden humidity peak?

They shrug.

Why, then, why am I craving pakoras, if not for the monsoon?

Now that shuts them up.

Pakoras are these deep fried snacks stuffed with all sorts of things, from spinach to onions. My favorites, however, are the cheese ones, paneer pakoras. Very greasy and highly addictive, they are usually served in the afternoon with hot hot chai. But they taste lovely with chilled beer too. In any case, you should feel a little sick afterwards. Means they were good. Not unlike Mac Donald’s. 

Pakoras, for some reason, are a monsoon delicacy. Hence, my sudden craving for pakoras can only mean that the monsoon has arrived.

No, it can’t simply mean that I am a junk-foodie.

It’s the monsoon.

You do know what happened to those who upset the flute player of Hamelin, right?


6 Responses to “The Flute Player and the Pakoras”

  1. Lisette Says:

    Fabulous shot of the pakora wallah, and a witty story to match! Great breakfast fodder for this Barcelona girl…

  2. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    hey, thank you – not my shot but a great find!

  3. Sunny Side Says:

    I heard that this year have thirteen moons … 75% humidity … hope that the new paintings in your flat could dry before monsoon. The middle aged pakora wallah is really impressive. Is it safe to eat pakora in the streets ?

  4. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    I know – should be finished soon though, they are doing a great job!
    And no, really not safe to eat street pakoras…

  5. Ah, j’adore cette photo et cette ambiance. Un vrai moment de dépaysement !
    Mon plus beau voyage reste ces trois semaines en Inde. Un vrai bonheur !

  6. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Merci Little Style Box!

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