Granny Delight

June 26, 2009

raspberry jelly

Yesterday I received an email from my grandmother. My Italian grandmother. Her emails, depicting country life in France, are simply delighful. Reading them in the furnace of Jaipur, I feel my skin tickle with freshness.

Here is my favorite part, because I cannot resist:

This morning, it was jam, jam, jam… So far I have made 4 jars of raspberry jelly and 8 jars of redcurrant. Seeding was quite a task, let me tell you.

Her French is from another era. To say that she is sad about something she writes “This did make my heart ache.”

Her opening lines are wonderful: “Hello my lovely bee

And her goodbyes always imply her superiority over some unidentified concurrent: “I love you more more more“.

Her emails’ typography is highly extravagant, with vast blanks, sentences cut in the middle, different colors and a parcimonious, yet delicious, use of smileys. Yesterday I got this one:


To say that I adore my grandmother would be a wild understatement: I worship her! 

Have a good weekend.

6 Responses to “Granny Delight”

  1. Morgane Says:

    Oooooh .. I miss her.

    My favorites :

    ” Hello prettiest princess of Delhi ”

    ” Here is Granny, It is 6 pm, we are the June 1st, and I am writing you an email ”

    ” Oh ! The computer has changed the font without asking me ! I am fed up with computers “

  2. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Looooool. She is amazing!

  3. YVR Says:

    and here’s to grandmothers with awesome personalities! oh I do miss mine. bon ouik.

  4. Sunny Side Says:

    How lucky you are to have such a treasure ! So heartful ! So many thanks to share it with us. My mother is so icy with my daughter, I will be a “granny” like yours !!!
    Have a lovely week end !!!

  5. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    I am TOO lucky

  6. YVR Says:

    nooo there is no such thing as TOO lucky (and you know it 😉 )

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