Sand in my Mind

June 25, 2009


These days, once a week, we have sandtstorms.

Everything is fine under the 50°C-hot swelter, when suddenly the sun disappears, a warm wily wind shakes trees and men, and a yellow curtain descends on the city.

From my bedroom window, I cannot see Moti Dungri anymore. I cannot see my neighbour’s house either. I cannot see anything, for that matters.

All the windows are shut, but from under the balconies doors, trails of sand creep in.

Soon, I have sand in my hair too.

The electricity goes down, and there is nothing else to do but wait, transfixed by the eerie light and the thick yellow wall that is the outside world.

Then finally comes the rain. The wall dissolves, the wind shuts up and everyone rushes outside in relief. 

And while you step out on your balcony taking in the heady smell of rain on dry earth, like always in India you wonder: what about those who have no home?


6 Responses to “Sand in my Mind”

  1. vancouver Says:

    you transport me into another world;yet, I know that the reality is still beyond what i can ever imagine it to be.

  2. Sunny Side Says:

    Hell is on earth … nowhere else … specially for the people who lives on pavement. Wonderful pic ! I am a little bit ashamed to write it … It reminds me the beginning of a fabulous movie called “Latcho drom” by Tony Gatlif.

  3. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    @ vancouver: thank you so much… sometimes reality does challenge fantasy!

    @ sunny side: thank you for the picture – and the link, very pretty

  4. yvonne Says:

    Cette photo est trop belle!

  5. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    merci ma belle! mais elle n’est pas de moi…

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