The Price of Happiness

June 23, 2009



My rickshaw driver gets into a trance when I buy mangoes. I always get them from the same sweet fruits seller, quite far away from my house. But this is where I have my habits. My fruits seller stocks the really excellent mangoes, Alphonso and Dussehri, rare yellow delights that make the summer bearable. Top quality mangoes are expensive, and a case of these is a common form of bribe.

However, my rickshaw driver has decided that I pay far too much for my mangoes. Indeed, I do. Happily so. As a result, everytime I get some, he takes me to some faraway ghetto next to a bus stand where a sad ragged cart pusher happens to sell mangoes too, at a third of the price. And a third of the taste. And probably worms. 

How do you explain?

My great-grandfather used to say: “I cannot afford to buy cheap things”. I happily make his motto mine. According to my father, I take it a bit too far in the shoe department.

Well, I didn’t start it.

8 Responses to “The Price of Happiness”

  1. Morgane Says:

    The more shoes you have, the less you use them.

  2. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    There you go!

  3. YVR Says:

    miam – mangoes… I would pay dearly for some good ones right now.

  4. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    I know…can’t get enough of them!

  5. Sunny Side Says:

    Your grandfather is right and so funny !!! Morgan too ! Right now we have mangoes from Côte d’Ivoire so sweet but I discover a new one small and pale sold by pakistanese people. I will try. In your case could we say they are priceless ? When it’s so hot, it’s the only food I was able to eat …

  6. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Never tried the Cote d’Ivoire mangoes… but the Pakistanis are supposed to be good!

  7. Lisette Says:

    The ones from the Philippines are delicious too! I used to have them for breakfast when I lived in Hong Kong…

    Here in Barcelona, however, it’s hard to find a mango that isn’t unbearably ‘thready’, even if the taste is sometimes good. So go for it, Jasmine, spend all you want on those delicious mangoes, and don’t waste money on those cheaper but unsatisfying – life’s too short!!

  8. tony Says:

    your mangoes are nice, sweet by may looking at eat and also attractive

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