Mac my Words

June 15, 2009


My laptop has crashed. The moment I landed in India, pffft, some fuse burnt, my battery refused to charge, and here I was, disheartened and unplugged, in the lonely swelter of India in June.

What I needed was a new adaptor. In Khan Market, my friends from Fotolab who keep replacing my ipods for zilch after I spilled Coca Cola on them they died for no reason, my friends, bless them, were unable to help.

I finally reached Jaipur and headed straight to the I-store.

“We can order new adaptor for you, but it will be more quicker if you go to the Mac center yourself. But you need to bring the bill.”

“I am afraid I don’t have it anymore.”

“So you pay.”

“Well, since I bought this laptop from you 6 months ago, surely you still have the bill in your files.”


“Why don’t you look before answering?”

Some ruffling goes on behind the counter.

“Yes, you bought this computer on the 5th of December 2008.”


“But we don’t have bill. We discard bills after 6 months. Today is  9th of June.”

“My luck. And what are you reading from, may I ask, if you have thrown my bill?”

“Just a record of the purchase.”

“Do you think you could you print it for me? I would help me so much !”



“It’s not like that.”

“Like what?”

“We don’t print records.”

“I see. What a pleasure to deal with you guys. I shall go to the Mac center then, if you’d be as kind as to give me the address. But in the meanwhile could you lend me a charger? Just for a week ? Please ?”



“We don’t have an extra charger.”

“Come on, surely you do, you have a good 300 Mac laptops around here.”

“We don’t have extra chargers.”

“Ok. You are being really helpful mate. Remind me to buy my laptop online next time.”

What I really wanted to say was: and let the skies fall upon your sorry heads because all you deserve is misery, sorrow, and death in atrocious pain, but instead, I swallowed my anger and left the damn so called I-store.

I made my way to the Mac center. Oh, what an extraordinary place. In a small residential street at the back of a garden lies a construction, hybrid between garage, small warehouse, drug shack and hard rock band den. Inside it is dark and piled high with cardboard boxes, papers, open circuits, PC parts. Two guys sit among this total utter chaos, one reading a paper, the other one trying to retrieve a pen from behind a jungle of cables. None of them speaks English.

I explain my problem. They want my bill, of course, which I don’t have. The main guy types my serial number into the Mac server, and what it says, can you believe it, is that my laptop is out of warranty, its estimated date of purchase being May 2008. I duly protest. Mac Guy says I should call the Mac toll free number. He scribbles the number on his card and wishes me good luck.

Before I leave however, he tells me that the number only works if dialled from a BSNL landline. Because, really, at this point, why not. I tell him that like pretty much everyone, my landline provider is Airtel. Then it won’t work, he says, shaking his head. But he offers to let me use his landline, very much a BSNL one.

I breathe. I sit. I call.

I explain my problem. The guy on the phone updates my warranty. The guy next to me orders my adaptor. For free.

It has just arrived, and I am, finally, back on the blog.

7 Responses to “Mac my Words”

  1. Sunny Side Says:

    Hi I am happy you are back … These guys could drive you crazy .. ! you did not blow a fuse … you keep quiet in a such topsy turvy situation ! I could cry and be in rage !

  2. Vancouver aka YVR Says:

    Enfin! c’est pas trop tot ;)good to have you back. And when I think of how my sis kept raging against the French bureaucracy. Y a de quoi s’arracher les cheveux.

  3. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    @ sunny side: thank you! I am not sure I totally kept quiet though…

    @ YVR: thank you thank you! I know…2 weeks in India and I already need a massage…

  4. Bon, tout est bien qui finit bien , je suppose?
    Par manque de temps, je ne peux pas voyage donc j’utilise internet et la blogosphère en particulier! Comme ça je passe d’Europe, aux USA, en Inde, en Chine, en Australie, au Japon,…

  5. rosemary Says:

    Welcome back ! Ils sont d’une mauvaise foi épouvantable ces Indiens. 1) parce que c’est comme ça 2) parce que tu n’est pas une locale ? Je trouve ça délirant.

  6. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    @ la Victorienne: oui, tout a bien fini, ca a juste pris un peu de temps et d’energie…

    @ rosemary: thank you! nan, c’est juste comme ca, il ne faut pas chercher a les forcer, mais a contourner!

  7. rosemary Says:

    Au fait, de retour à Paris, tu as jeté un oeil sur l’intégrale de la bd “Indian Dreams” ? Je suis curieuse d’avoir ton avis …

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