I love Paris in the Spring

May 26, 2009

paris storm

There is nothing like an extended holiday to feed a blogger’s mind. To read about India in the French and English papers is simply fascinating – did you know that Sonia Gandhi spoke flawless hindi and that Mayawati was a goddess to the people of India?


The length of the skirts on display at Topshop leaves me in a haze of wonder (how, when, where?) but my doubts are quickly overcome by practical considerations: Do I really have nothing clean except this tunic? Oh well, I guess it sort of looks like a dress. With opaque tights. After a few cocktails.

I find myself not arguing with people for days on. That’s because here machines do everything for you. You can’t buy tube tickets at the counter anymore.

It’s at the machine.

You want to go to the movie? To buy a train ticket?


No need to threaten, bribe or faint. But in a strange sick way, I miss my daily drama.


9 Responses to “I love Paris in the Spring”

  1. J Says:

    At last an entry after so many days. You won’t believe but the absence of the daily entries had totally upset my daily drive to work! Jaipur and the non local(s) miss you

  2. Sunny Side Says:

    Hey welcome ! Happy to read you ! The worst is what they call “boite vocale” !!!

  3. Bombay magic Says:

    It must be because they’ve heard of the many Maya statues they think she is a goddess!!!
    I agree about the skirts: do you really aim at sweeping the floors of the Jaipur markets ?

  4. boubou Says:

    coucou miss !
    je t’ai envoyé un mail , t’est t’il bien parvenu ?
    Boubou xx

  5. Noon Says:

    hello my sweet.
    There is a certain gold and black skirt that is making it way to London to see you. Can you email me from your personal address so I can forward the details to you.

    Big kiss!!

  6. Hyderabad Says:

    The news about mayawati which was published in French and English paper was because, her support still comes mostly from the low-caste Dalits, for whom she became a symbol of dignity and political aspiration after centuries of oppression by the Hindu upper castes.

  7. gui Says:

    hello stranger, if you’re in Paris & I’m in Paris & I don’t know you but would love to meet you, will I come across as a total psycho stalker…:s ..and have a safe trip if you’re on your way to exotic India…

  8. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    @ j: yes I am back – but for how long?!

    @ sunny side: I know!

    @ bombay magic: I was more thinking how short they are, which I am already missing…

    @ hyderabad: yes I had got that.

    @ nur: will email you asap my beauty – THANKS

    @ gui: am already back…next time!

  9. Sunny Side Says:

    Hey Jasmine tu nous manques !!! Are you OK ?

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