March 27, 2009



That’s it. I’m an addict.

It took less than an hour. Now there is no way back.

The two guys came. They sat in my living room. Delivered the stuff. And left me on a high.

I have a blackberry.

To start with, I want to wipe out from the surface of this blog all the bad things I ever said about Airtel. Sure, I had to call them three times to get the blackberry people to show up. But three times, honey, is nothing. 

I was convinced it would take me a couple of years to get used to the damn thing. I mean, I can’t drive. My mobile phone is 7 years old and doesn’t have predictive text. I know only 3,5 keyboard shortcuts – my friend Esther, who can spend 3 weeks on her laptop without touching the mouse, thinks I am retarded. And in London I tend to buy my tube tickets at the counter rather than at  the machine, just because I love hearing the guy say “Here you go, love.”

But ten minutes down the crackberry road and I was already frantically rolling the cursor. 

The first number I called was our beloved Booze Man. Booze Man, as his name says, delivers beer, wine, vodka, rum and whisky. I worship him. I am trying to smooth-talk him into stocking Bombay Sapphire, Tallisker and Veuve, but he keeps looking at me as if I was a raging psycho. Never give up.

Friends came over for dinner. Not interested. Just call Colonel’s kebab, guys. No I’m not bloody cooking lasagna. What do you mean I promised? Shhhh. Just call the guy. I’m busy.

I replied to emails while talking to them. I have to say, I was inspired. My replies were all along the same lines: “Cool. Will write tomorrow. On my way out XX“, “Check out the last line of this email. Cannot talk now. Skype tom?“, “Heeeeeey, great. Write later.


Then we went to the Polo Bar for drinks. I decided it was the perfect moment to edit my address book. Roll the cursor. Rolly rolly rolly. Yaaaaaaay! One done. 263 to go. Hmmm? Another brandy and soda please!

It’s brilliant. Such a clever machine.

But this black thing…

Do you think they make it in purple?

11 Responses to “Addiction”

  1. Sunny Side Says:

    AAAAAAAAhhhhh I am like you … it took me five times to have my license driving … so a blackberry … I am lost … I should try !!!

  2. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    I know! But I am telling you: it’s super easy…

  3. Sunny Side Says:

    God so my enflish is worst than I thought !!! thanks

  4. gui Says:

    I leeeeeeuuuuuve Blackberry!!! …and how’s the hangover today 🙂

  5. Esther Says:

    Are you the retard or am I the geek???
    About London: it’s not “love” they say, but “luv'”… Makes all the difference! I used to stay late at the office just to be eligible for a cab ride back home so I could be “luved” by the driver! Probably one of the things I miss most about London…

  6. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  7. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    @ gui: Oh, I am so addicted… a bit worrying. Luckily no hangover today but a very very funny trip to church!

    @ esther: of course you are the geek, wish I could ride my latpop like you! I know the cabbies pronounce it “luv” but to me it’s all about the endearment, so I hear…”love”!

    @ matt: thank you!

  8. Boucher Says:

    Heureux de cette traduction automatique maintenant je peux lire ma fille

  9. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Bravo Papa!

  10. Sister Says:

    Tu peux plus parler de tes histoires de s*** si papa peut lire ton blog !

  11. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Ben ca tombe bien, hein, y en avait deja pas beaucoup!

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