Sweet Charpoy Dreams

February 24, 2009


A Charpoy is one very Indian piece of furniture.

Traditional woven beds made out of a wooden frame and a rope called sutli, they are dangerously comfortable – sitting on them invariably rhymes with napping

It seems like they are making a fashion come back: fancy interior designers make them in aluminium, and five star hotels use them, roped with bright colored sutli, as loungers.

When I moved into my first flat in Jaipur, I used them as beds. It was fine for a few days, then because of the sinking phenomena my back started aching.

I soon invested in real beds but kept the charpoys as lounge beds. When there were too many houseguests in the flat, they came in handy.

Then I moved to a smaller place and had to get rid of them.

Now that I have a bigger space, I was happy to go see the old charpoy makers at Kishanpole Bazar. They made one for me in a day.

I have friends arriving today and you know what? I think I’ll give them my bedroom and sleep on the charpoy.

For old times’ sake.


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