Last days

January 9, 2009



Oh, here I am, finally starting to miss Jaipur, its spicy, greasy food, its misty mornings and dirty streets. And my friends round the corner.

London was short, cold and cool. I had an enchanted day with my gorgeous friend Tara who took me to the hippest places and fed me the finest food. We even went to Fairyland, but I’ll tell you all about it later: I’ll need a couple of hours!

Now it’s back in Paris, running against the packing clock: I am flying back to India on Sunday morning…

Cheese. Bread. Saucisson. Foie gras. 

Have I forgotten something?


2 Responses to “Last days”

  1. Tara Matthews Says:

    I HAD A GREAT TIME WITH YOU- MISS YOU!! IN LA weather is amazing been at the beach so happy to have a tan!! lots of love xx

  2. jasmineandtheelephants Says:

    Miss you too – will email today – say hi to the dolphins for me XX

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